CRM Surprisingly Help Your Business (and NOT)

There is general agreement that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a game-changing tool that can help businesses scale faster and work smarter. Yet, despite this step forward, there is a tendency for companies to see CRM systems as a cure-all, and then experience disappointment deeper into implementation. This happens in large part due to the pressure […]

Email Marketing to Boost Your Business

Email Marketing = Profits And Opportunities Over the years email marketing, especially our email newsletter and our email follow up sequences has been an extremely successful. In fact, every time we send out an email newsletter, our new project inquiries increase and past clients reach out with new projects. Our email newsletter, started in 2009, […]


It’s been a while since I’m working on matching the best talents to the most appropriate needs. Finally I managed to solve it using my own algorithm via technology (several platforms). Inspired by Alphabet Inc., I’m trying to fully utilize a-z of sub-domains. So, including itself, it will be 27 websites running concurrently […]